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Karen Couillard Artist Gallery

Wild Flower At Heart

Wild Flower At Heart

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"Wild Flower at Heart" a vibrant burst of colours, dancing in a white vase, amidst a world struggling with climate change. This bouquet is more than just flowers; it's an expression of love, energy, and resilience.

With its mesmerizing beauty, it's bound to inspire and uplift you. Whether you're looking to brighten up your living space or send a message of hope in these challenging times, this artwork is the perfect choice.

Be prepared to be swept off your feet and let your heart bloom with "Wild Flower At Heart."

It's time to embrace the wild and let your inner flower child shine as a symbol of hope amid climate chaos.

Size: 30” x 40” x 1.5"

  • High Quality Acrylic
  • Gallery Style Canvas
  • Gloss Varnished for Protection & Colour Pop
  • Certificate of Authentication
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