Get ready for my vibrant comeback!

After temporarily stepping away from my artist career, I am now poised to make a remarkable comeback. During my hiatus, I embarked on a journey of artistic and personal growth, exploring new horizons and refining my skills to elevate my art. I experimented with various techniques, all in pursuit of reaching new heights. Now, armed with a fresh, distinctive art style, I am ready to captivate audiences once more with my unique storytelling through art.

My Journey as a Visual Artist

I was born in 1965 on Canada's East Coast, and as a child, I had an innate curiosity for vibrant colours, shapes, and the magic they held. My early fascination ignited a passion that would shape my destiny as an artist, weaving narratives through my artwork.

  • The Early Years & Artistic Breakthrough

    My artistic journey began at the tender age of two when I stumbled upon my father's oil painting drying on the couch. I remember the vivid colours captivated me, leading to my first venture into finger painting, albeit at the expense of my father's masterpiece.

    As time passed, I found myself surrounded by plain walls adorned with vintage prints I had uncovered at rummage sales. Lacking the means for genuine art, I transformed these prints with my own creative touch.

    A pivotal moment arrived when my best friend and interior designer, Sandra Baron, discovered my work and began showcasing it to her clients. This exposure propelled my art into the spotlight, earning me a feature in the popular magazine "Decoration Chez-Soi."

    Sandra's unwavering belief in my talent served as a catalyst for my creative path. In 1998, I embarked on my artistic journey, quickly gaining recognition as one of Canada's most promising emerging artists. By 2002, the prestigious Liss Gallery in Toronto acquired my work, paving the way for my debut solo exhibition, "Fabulously Groovy." This remarkable event witnessed most of my collection finding new homes in a single night, a testament to my burgeoning success.

  • Birth of the Groovy Arts' Brand

    In 2006, I embarked on an entrepreneurial venture that gave birth to the highly successful "Groovy Arts" brand. This creative endeavour expanded beyond traditional canvases, encompassing a diverse array of giftware and home décor items. These pieces, infused with my art, were eagerly sought after and prominently featured in trendy boutiques across Canada and the USA during the "Groovy Arts' era."

    Through "Groovy Arts," my art reached a wider audience, enriching the lives of those who purchased and embraced my unique vision. My entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to sharing my creativity thrived during this period, leaving a lasting impression on my artistic journey.

    As time passed, my artistic pursuits evolved, and "Groovy Arts" became a cherished chapter in my career. Today, I continue to create and share my art, and while "Groovy Arts" may be a part of the past, it remains a testament to my ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary through art.

  • Media Recognition

    With a rising interest in my paintings, my artistic journey led me to some of the world’s most renowned art scenes, including exhibitions in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Montreal, and even the sunny vibes of Palm Springs. Collectors from all corners of the globe showed a keen interest in my work, leading to many commissions.

    My artistry also gained recognition in the media. My paintings were featured on shows like City TV's "CityLine" in Toronto, CFTO's "Panorama" in Toronto, "CH Morning Live" in Hamilton, KNBC-TV's "News 4" in Los Angeles, and KESQ-TV's "Channel 3 News" in Palm Springs. These appearances helped introduce my art to a wider audience.

    In the world of print, my art found its place in respected publications such as "The Toronto Star," "The Hamilton Spectator," "West of the City," "Art World News," "Le Madawaska," "The Globe and Mail," and the esteemed French magazine "Décoration Chez-Soi." My creations not only received admiration but also inspired art enthusiasts and collectors, making it a fulfilling journey.