Collection: Inner World: Chaos Realities

Inner Worlds: Chaotic Realities” explores the intricate landscapes of the human mind in contrast with the chaotic realities of the world we live in. As the external environment becomes increasingly unpredictable and turbulent, people often retreat into their inner worlds, constructing vibrant dreams and aspirations to cope with the turmoil around them. This collection captures the duality between the visible facades we present and the hidden chaos we navigate internally.

Using vibrant colours like magenta, burnt orange, turquoise, and green, I represent the dreams and aspirations people use to mask external chaos. Darker hues including black signify the underlying turmoil and complexities within our minds. The interplay of geometric and organic forms reflects the structured yet fluid nature of thoughts and emotions, while intersections and overlaps symbolize the interconnectedness of different mental states and external experiences.

Through dynamic brushstrokes and varied textures, I aim to convey the energetic and ever-changing nature of both the mind and the environment. My goal is to invite viewers to reflect on their own mental and emotional experiences, highlighting the balance between hope and chaos, dreams and reality.

— Karen Couillard

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