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Karen Couillard Artist Gallery

Tides of Transformation

Tides of Transformation

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This painting feels like a conversation with our Earth. It's got bold purples and gentle whites that swirl and mix, telling us about the big shifts in our climate. There's a splash of green that stands out, kind of like a lone tree that's still standing strong. Pinks and blues crash into each other, and it looks a lot like waves and skies getting mixed up during a storm. The white streaks could be the snow that's disappearing, or maybe the rare days of calm weather we get. You can see drips of paint going down the canvas. They look like the rain we know, but they also remind us of stuff we don't want in our water, like pollution. This painting shows that things are changing, yes, but it also makes you feel that we can still do something about it. Like the green in the painting, there’s hope for us too.

Size: 10” x 10” x 1.5"

  • High Quality Acrylic Paint
  • Gallery Style Canvas
  • Gloss Varnished for Protection & Colour Pop
  • Certificate of Authentication
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