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Sunkissed & Lipstick Bliss-Study Nº11

Sunkissed & Lipstick Bliss-Study Nº11

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"Sunkissed & Lipstick Bliss- Study Nº11" is a piece that holds a special place in my artistic journey. It signifies my growth and experimentation as an artist. This painting depicts a contemporary woman, just back from a day of sunbathing, wrapped in a delicate pink bathrobe with a towel gracefully adorning her head, and donning chic shades. The moment she's caught in the act of applying deep red lipstick is a powerful and intimate representation of femininity and self-expression. Her lips shimmer with diamond dust.

The abstract background, created with bold brushstrokes and featuring a captivating palette of lilac and green, serves as the perfect backdrop to showcase the vivid contrast between the girl's relaxed sensuality and the vibrant world around her.

In a nutshell, It encapsulates the spirit of modern womanhood and invites you to experience the journey I've undertaken.

Make it yours and own a piece of my creative narrative.

Paper Size:  22.5”x 30”  

  • High Quality Acrylic, Oil Sticks & Diamond Dust
  • Painted on Paper (Arches 140lb -Cold Pressed Natural Colour)
  • Require Framing (not included)
  • Certificate of Authentication
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