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I Love You-Study Nº12

I Love You-Study Nº12

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"I Love You-Study Nº12” is a deeply personal and cherished piece in my artistic journey. With this creation, I liberated myself from artistic constraints, embracing imperfection as a path to perfection.

In this abstract composition, I've harnessed the power of wild, vibrant colours with accents of gold and silver swirl and clash, creating a visual spectacle that is both chaotic and harmonious. The canvas is a playground of random shapes, intricate scribbles, and bold, energetic brushstrokes. Amidst this exhilarating maelstrom, the words "I love you" emerge with bold, larger-than-life letters, reinforcing the profound message of love and affection that permeates this work.

Within the dynamic chaos, a figure takes shape, bearing a distorted yet powerful semblance of humanity, crowned with a heart symbolizing the transformative force of love.

"I Love You-study No 12" is a testament to my artistic growth and unwavering passion. It's a piece that invites viewers to embrace imperfection, to explore the depth of emotions, and to celebrate the journey of self-expression.

This painting is a rare gem that encapsulates my creative evolution, and I offer it to you with the hope that it will resonate with your own artistic spirit and inspire you for years to come. Make it yours today!

Paper Size:  22.5”x 30”  

  • High Quality Acrylic & Oil Sticks
  • Painted on Paper (Arches 140lb -Cold Pressed Natural Colour)
  • Require Framing (not included)
  • Certificate of Authentication
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