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Home Schooling-Study Nº3

Home Schooling-Study Nº3

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‘Home Schooling-Study No 3”, the painting that perfectly captures the wild world of homeschooling during the 2020 lockdown - and adds a dash of humour to your walls!

At the heart of this painting, a mom and her two kids embark on an educational adventure that's more hilarious than a comedy show. Her look of despair is the hallmark of a homeschooling hero, and the kids? Well, they're mastering the art of controlled chaos.

So why wait? Add this whimsy painting to your collection today and bring the chaos of life's hilarious adventures into your space. 

Paper Size:  22.5”x 30”  

  • High Quality Acrylic & Oil Sticks
  • Painted on Paper (Arches 140lb -Cold Pressed Natural Colour)
  • Require Framing (not included)
  • Certificate of Authentication


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