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Karen Couillard Artist Gallery



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This painting throws you into a swirl of feelings about our planet. Imagine a box of crayons melting in the sun—that's what the colours look like. Bright purples and pinks mix with blues to create a wild scene. It’s as if a storm of colour is happening right before your eyes. You can spot hints of red and yellow; they dart across like lightning, maybe showing how quickly things are changing around us. Streaks of white paint dash across, looking like rain in a storm, or maybe the last bits of snow that don't want to disappear. Amidst the chaos, there's a sense of something new pushing through. Like tiny seeds sprouting after a fire, signs of hope peek out. The painting tells a story about our world—it's got its troubles, sure, but it's also got a strong heart and the courage to keep on growing.

Size: 10” x 10” x 1.5"

  • High Quality Acrylic Paint
  • Gallery Style Canvas
  • Gloss Varnished for Protection & Colour Pop
  • Certificate of Authentication
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