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Karen Couillard Artist Gallery

Coffee,Couture and Burberry

Coffee,Couture and Burberry

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Step into the world of high fashion and urban elegance trough my artwork, “Coffee, Couture, and Burberry.” This painting encapsulates a bustling New York City morning where haute couture meets the city’s pulse.

A chic uptown girl, the embodiment of sophistication, sips her Starbucks coffee. Her Burberry bag, a symbol of timeless luxury, dangles from her arm, reflecting her impeccable taste and her eager anticipation for the grand event that awaits her.

The abstract city backdrop bursts with bold vibrant colours and dynamic brushstrokes, echoing the ceaseless vitality of New York. To infuse a touch of opulence, diamond dust sparkles and shimmers throughout my creation, much like the city’s dazzling lights.

“Coffee, Couture, and Burberry” tells a story of aspiration, high fashion, and the city’s vibrant energy. 

Embrace this world in your space and radiate the sophistication and excitement of New York City’s fashion scene. Grab it while you can!

Size: 30” x 40” x 1.5"

  • High Quality Acrylic Paint & Oil Sticks
  • Accents of Diamond Dust
  • Gallery Style Canvas
  • Gloss Varnished for Protection & Colour Pop
  • Certificate of Authentication

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