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Brainiac-Study Nº1

Brainiac-Study Nº1

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Meet ”Brainiac-Study No 1” your gateway to a whimsical world of imagination. This paper masterpiece doesn't just hang on your wall; it transforms your space.

Part of my Explorative Study Series, it offers a unique twist on its subject, sparking conversations effortlessly. Whether it’s adding fun and color to your home office or making a statement in your living room, this painting is your ideal choice. Beyond its playful colors, the brushwork is so mesmerizing you might just lose track of time. And trust me, this painting's got a sense of humor that'll make you grin every time you catch a glimpse.

In a nutshell, “Brainiac-Study No1” is your ticket to modern, subjective, and child-like charm for any room. With its captivating vibrant strokes, it's a must-have for home decor that's as witty as it is wonderful.

Don't wait; let “Brainiac” cast its spell today!

Paper Size:  22.5”x 30”  

  • High Quality Acrylic & Oil Sticks
  • Painted on Paper (Arches 140lb -Cold Pressed Natural Colour)
  • Certificate of Authentication
  • Require Framing (not included)


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